The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain (ASSC) hold its 2nd meeting council of “Foreign Worker Round Table” on Wednesday 6 November 2018. This Foreign Worker Round Table is to be held as a council by participation of affiliated organizations across sectors on labor and human rights issues of foreign workers (including technical internship Training Program), and through this holding , We aim to improve knowledge on foreign labor issues on Japanese supply chain, propose suggestions for problem solving, and create necessary base for acceptance.

This second time session set up the theme “the current situation in the sending countries about foreign labors”, and as a keynote speech,  a sending agency gave a keynote speech as the side of an organization that sends out foreign workers to Japan from Vietnam about the circumstances and processes etc. of the foreigners working in Japan before their departure. the speaker shared various points including what kind of background  do they have at the  process of coming to Japan, what kind of issues are there in the process before traveling, and about how the host country and its actors see the current situation happening in Japan as the sending side.

As in the previous round, participants from various sectors such as lawyers, NPO / NGO, Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee, and other related organizations, and corporations. some participants surprised of  knowing circumstances in the sending country for the first time, and we also saw some talks about future efforts, such as how to deal with the problems that arise. In the future, from the viewpoint of promoting a sustainable supply chain of a company, we think that it is necessary to repeat discussions continuously and opinion sharing as to how to grasp and understand the current situation and how to act . The ASSC holds a monthly council as the secretariat of the foreign worker round table, where a separate theme related to foreign workers is set up and persons involved in accepting external experts and foreigners While inviting and providing information, we would like to deepen the discussion and to be able to link with corporate behavior.

The problem of foreign workers is also a matter of both the sending country and the hosting country, and we plan to issue a report while conducting surveys on actual conditions both in Japan and overseas(it is planed on February 2019). For the first interim report, we are considering issuance around the end of March 2019. The next round table (holding of the council) is scheduled for December 5. In addition, regarding the schedule of the council until March 2019, we announce it on the ASSC website in order.