The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain(ASSC) held it’s kick-off session of “Foreign Workers Round Table” in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan on 10th October, 2018.

This Round Table is multi-sector session for the sake of discussing labor and human rights issues regarding with foreign workers in Japan (including Technical Internship Trainee), which is aimed at increasing the knowledge of foreign labor issues in the supply chain of Japanese companies as well as to propose an approach to foreign labor issues.

In first Round Table, a lot of players that is corporations, companies, ministries and government officers, lawyers, NGO, and those from Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games made discussion to find solution for labor and human rights issues and also talked about expectation of this Round Table and the problems regarding with foreign workers.

ASSC holds Round Table every month to make opportunity that we set separate themes regarding with foreign workers and inviting external lectures to learn and share knowledge each other. And then, we are focusing on these activities can be connection to company’s action for society.

Some part of this problem are caused in sending country and accepting countries. We will be publishing reports for actual situation in overseas and domestic as we investigate in.

Next Round Table is scheduled on 6th November.

We will announce the place and schedule on ASSC website after second Round Table as soon as we decide.

Those who would like to join from the second time, please send e-mail with 4 kind of information below to

  1. Name   2. Name of your organaization    3.  Phone number  4.  Place(Tokyo or Osaka)

※We provide this Round Table for free because we have purpose that stakeholders easily join and discuss. We offer everyone sharing constructive opinion and continuous participation for discussion.

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