The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain(ASSC) held the 5th continuous seminar ‘recommendation for initiative and partnership’ on 27th September, 2018.

In this seminar, We picked up the theme that initiative and partnership is taken place in foreign countries and told participants about why they are needed oversea, how companies which participate in that work on it, what kind of them there are and what topic is being discussed for being able to understand how important initiative and partnership are.

This seminar was interactive that instructor and participants communicated and made conversation each other to share knowledge that making comparison between Japan’s situation and foreign situation. We also discussed about what we should do comes next.

We are considering to set up domestic and overseas initiatives as we continuously work on initiatives “Foreign Workers Round Table” as domestic one in future. We are thinking that how we improve a lot of issues and what kind of action we should take to solution for them is considerably important. We please offer those who are interested in the issues to join us.

Next seminar will be scheduled on 15th October, 2018. The theme is responsible procurement of raw materials. We are looking forward to seeing you at the seminar.