The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain(ASSC)got an opportunity to make a speech at the seminar which was held by Japan Textiles Import Association(JTIA) and Japan Textiles Export Association(JTEA) on 5th October, 2018. Our members, Wada and Mori participated in the seminar as ASSC.

Please see below for the details.

(Following article is quoted from “Textile News” on 11th October)

We firstly talked on institutional development of sustainability, recent trend of CSR procurement and Technical Intern Training Program (TITP).

When it comes to TITP, there are a lot of problems as like unfair contract, non-possession contract document, different work condition and attendance management from Japanese, and differential wages. Textile industry often tend to be a target for criticism. however, same situation is going on in various industry as like auto and construction now. we have heard worse story that some of them worked at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station for decontamination.

We also explained about movement of the side of government. And then, We announced that will hold Foreign Workers Round Table to enhance the knowledge of foreign workers issues for companies’ supply chain in Japan. It will be scheduled on 6th November and 5th December.


繊維ニュース 「日本繊維輸出、輸入組合など/持続可能性セミナー開催/技能実習生問題に言及」2018年10月11日付