The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain (the ASSC) is pleased to announce to hold its special session in Geneva 2018 on 29th, November 2018.

This special session is aimed at discuss about “Practice and Challenges of HRDD to Protect Asian Migrant Workers: Seeking for Innovative Collaboration in TITP in Japan” which is becoming one of the most important topics in the area of  business and human rights in Japan.

This discussion would contribute not only ones who do business within Japan, but also any participants from all over the world to know current situations (progresses and challenges) of foreign workers issues and to seek possible solutions of human rights issues in firms’ supply chains.

the panel will consist of several speakers from various actors such as: a state-funded Japanese research institute; Japanese companies; governmental agencies(departments); International Organizations; and international NGOs.

For more details, please see the outline as linked below ↓↓↓