ASSC WORKERS VOICE is a hotline desk which is independent, reliable, and easy-to-access for all workers in Japan.
This is for creating sustainable society and enterprises by collecting and amplifying workers voices.

Please tell us about any problems related to “work” such as troubles at work, questions about labor laws and safety and health questions. In addition, we will not report the information sent from here to third parties (for example, the company you are working for)  without permission.

It is currently available in 5 languages below. Please click one as your preference. Just feel free to send any message about your job, your feeling about work, and any complaints related with your working in Japan.


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Also, We would be happy if you could answer the questionnaire “The Questionare for Foreign Workers in Japan” linked below. This questionnaire is for understanding the fact of workplace of foreign workers.

It is currently available in 4 languages below. Please click one as your preference. Thank you for your cooperation!


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