What's Covid-19 done to our supply chain?

The Novel Corona-virus aka COVID-19 has been amplifying its impact globally as we know it. All of ASSC is now engaging ever more closely with our clients in pursuit of ramifications for the work force and support them address the problem.

In conjunction with the efforts, ACCS is calling out to shareholders to join our “Covid-19 Supply Chain Survey Program”. This program offers questionnaire tools specifically built with the purpose in mind that would help responsible party assess the required measures in their own supply-chain under pressure of COVID-19 pandemic by figuring out the impact over it.

Flow of Program Application

covid-19 キャンペーン申込の流れ

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Sign up now for this 5-week program for free of charge to receive three weekly reports and the final brief at the end of the program.

The final report will aggregate results to be presented as an overall report in which data is not tied with any specific supplier information. (Please check out the sample report here).

We are offering both members and non-members full access to the supplier-specific survey data rendered in Excel sheets (see sample) at a fee of ¥70,000 and ¥100,000 plus tax respectably. Also the program’s overall progress reports are to be shared on our website.

Take this opportunity and act in a way beneficial to all workers health and safety in your supply chain. For more information about our future programs, please check in on them at our home page news release section and at the exclusive page coming soon.


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