Global Advisory Board

Special Advisor

Toshihiko Fujii

Since joining the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in 1987, Mr. Fujii has worked on the wide range of policy issues, notably in international trade and security related areas. He had served as Principal Director, Trade Policy, Trade Policy Bureau, Director General, Oil and Gas, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Director General, the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Assistant Commissioner, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA), Ministry of Defense. Currently, Mr. Fujii serves as Cabinet Counselor heading up the newly created Economic Security Team in National Security Secretariat (NSS). In terms of overseas working experience, Mr. Fujii had been stationed in Brussels for four years since 2000. There he represented European companies with Japanese parentage as Secretariat General, Japan Business Counsel in Europe (JBCE). In Brussels policy-making scene, Mr. Fujii was quickly and widely acknowledged as one of the most influential industry lobbyists, and deeply involved in and contributed to EU policy-making. CSR and environmental policies are two of main arenas where he was most active. He currently also teaches as visiting professor at Tama University Graduate School, and act as consulting fellow at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry(RIETI). His central research themes is sustainability and rule-making, and their interaction with corporate competitiveness. He is the author of not a small number of publications, which include “Sustainability Mix” (JUSE Press. Ltd.) and “Global Rules as a Competitive Strategy” (TOYO KEIZAI INC.).

Global Advisor

Kate Lasen

Kate Larsen is a Chinese speaking professional with over 15 years’ experience in Supply Chain Environmental and Labour (Human Rights) standards. Kate has played a key role of various sustainability activities at organizations including Burberry(as a Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility Asia), a Nasdaq listed retailer(as a Director Responsible Sourcing), a worker hotline service called “INNO Handshake”(as a Founding Board Member), the Bangladesh Alliance for safety Worker Empowerment Committee (as a Chair), and Human Rights Watch, and worked with FTSE100 listed companies, the UK anti-slavery charity “Unseen” on UK and other supply chain modern slavery remediation projects. Kate is a Trustee of UK charity The Rights Practice which supports social justice in China and Myanmar including for migrant workers.


Hideki Matsuoka

Hideki Matsuoka is an Adviser at the ASSC. After gaining valuable experience at a local government, an international NGO and an environmental NGO, he served as Executive Director of Kyoto CSR promotion committee. Hideki has been working for Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Center (HURIGHTS OSAKA) as a Specially Appointed Researcher. His work covers research on Business and Human Rights, CSR, the development of teaching materials, advisory and speaking at seminars and workshops. He is conducting internal auditor training for ISO14001. His other activities include teaching CSR at Doshisha University Graduate School and Kwansei Gakuin University Graduate School as a part-time lecturer.


Emi Sugawara

Dr. Emi Sugawara is an Advisor at the ASSC. She is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of International Studies at Osaka University of Economics and Law. She is also Director of Global Compact Research Center. Emi received an LLB from Niigata University in 2003, an LLM from Kobe University Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies in 2005, an LLM(Legum Magister)in International Human Rights Law from University of Notre Dame The Law School in 2007 and PhD in International Public Policy from Osaka University Osaka School of International Public Policy in 2014.


Katsuhisa Takesue

After working at a pharmaceutical company, studied international relations at Oxford Brookes University MSc in UK. After returning to Japan in 2010, he support companies’ CSR activities, mainly in the field of sustainable raw material procurement as environmental management consultants. He become independent in 2017, he is working on importing agricultural crops such as vanilla in cooperation with producers of Madagascar that develop agroforestry to practice sustainable raw material procurement from the workplace, and at the same time, He supports the ASSC on environmental initiatives and raw material procurement initiatives as the advisor.

Executive Profiles

Executive Director

Takeshi Shimotaya

Takeshi Shimotaya is Executive Director of the ASSC. During his 10 years’ in the Heavy Industries sector, he has gained expert knowledge in HR, General Affairs, Health and Safety and Worker-Management Communication. He led an internal project team that designed and implemented a “Health and Safety internal audit system”.
Takeshi founded the Sustainavision Ltd., sustainability research and training company in the UK in 2010 to bridge the gap between Europe and Japan in CSR/Sustainability. He has an MSc Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia and an MBA from the University of Lancaster in the UK. He has been participating in the UN forum on Business and Human Rights since 2013, and is dedicated to promoting the awareness of the international trend of modern slavery, forced labour and an importance of partnership/initiative to address supply chain issues amongst Japanese businesses. Takeshi has carried out numerous social audits based on FLA Workplace Code of Conduct. A certified RBA Lead Auditor. He founded the ASSC in 2017.


Masaki Wada

Masaki Wada is a Director of the ASSC. He graduated from Southern Illinois University, Faculty of Economics. Masaki worked for a major, global manufacturer of sports equipment, where he managed CSR procurement and promoted CSR in Japan and Southeast Asia. In 2012, he was invited by the Business Policy Forum, Japan, to become a researcher for a study group on “Business and Human Rights”. In 2013, he joined the Japan International Training Cooperation Organization(JITCO). Masaki works to provide research and consulting services for CSR, and that also tackle human rights and labour issues around migrant workers within the supply-chain in the developing countries.


Taiki Sugimoto

Taiki Sugimoto is a Director of the ASSC. He worked for a Japanese trading firm specialized for Textile, Apparel and Industrial Material field. In his career as general manager of sales department, he appealed the importance of CSR procurement and established CSR Supply Chain Office to promote CSR procurement as future sales strategy in trading firms through his another career as the chairman of Overseas Market Development Committee of Japan Textile Export Association. In 2017-2020, he worked as the president of US subsidiary of the trading firm and implemented the business with CSR procurement as well.

Attoney at Law | Auditor

Takeo Nishiwaki

Takeo Nishiwaki is an Attorney-at-Law (registered in 1996) and acts as the Auditor-Secretary at the ASSC. He graduated from Hitotsubashi University and earned an LLM from University of Washington. Specialising in corporate legal affairs, Takeo has worked for law firms both in Japan and the US, including a globally renowned sports brand as in-house counsel until he started his own business in August 2012. His expertise focus on Compliance and Labour Issues; he is able to support both Japanese firms working with foreign companies and foreign businesses that are or plan to operate in Japanese markets. His work covers wide range of industries including Retail, Fashion, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Sports, Real Estate, and IT. Takeo has been involved in many lawsuits, as well as contract agreement work.

Senior Project Officer

Miki Watanabe

Miki Watanabe has more than 15 years of experience in planning and implementing sustainability projects at leading office equipment manufacturing and sales company. The projects include: sustainable supply chain in the Asia Pacific with strong focus on continuous factory CSR improvements in China and Vietnam; global community engagement projects; sustainability marketing initiatives; sustainability disclosure including ESG performance and sustainability reports; and contributing to strengthen the Global Compact Network Japan. Miki received B.A. in economics from Yokohama National University, M.A. in international economics and international relations from School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), The Johns Hopkins University.

Research Fellow

Wang Kun

Wang Kun graduated from Master of Business Administration at Ritsumeikan University in Japan. While he had been in his masters in Ritsumeikan University, he worked for a major automobile parts manufacturing company in Japan and was responsible for labor and personnel sections on foreign workers. After that, he also worked on research and solving labor problems in supply chains at CSR department of apparel brands in Japan.
After returning to China in 2011, he had been in charge of foreign exchange, lending, investment, etc. in Japanese bank for Japanese related companies for many years. Now, he is mainly working on labour problems and conducting CSR/sustainability research projects in China and Southeast Asian countries. He is based in China, RBA (Former EICC) certified Lead Auditor.

Research Fellow

Li Wenyao

Li Wenyao completed in Japanese Language Education of Master of Language Education at J. F. Oberlin University. After her masters, she was in charge of business planning and store management at a major Japanese retailer. After returning to China in 2013, she had been in charge of foreign exchange, loans, investment etc in Japanese bank for Japanese related companies for many years. Currently she is working on health and safety and labor management based in China.