ASSC Special Seminar 2019 “How do we facilitate Sustainable Cotton”

ASSC held the special seminar “How do we facilitate Sustainable Cotton” on Tuesday, 1st of October 1, 2019. The seminar introduced “Cotton 2040” which is the global initiative promoting Sustainable Cotton with global brands. We invited speakers from the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Fairtrade label Japan, and Textile Exchange to explain the global trend of cotton issues and how we need to tackle the issues.

Mr. Shimotaya, Executive Director at the Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain, provided the presentation about “Introduction of Cotton 2040″. In addition, Ms Kaori Nakajima, Director at Fairtrade Label Japan, delivered the presentation about “International Fairtrade Certification System aiming for a Sustainable Society”. Mr Mitsuya Inagaki who is the Ambassador at Textile Exchange provided his speech about “How Textile Exchange takes actions about Cotton”. Mr. Muhammad Shuaib from Better Cotton Initiative Pakistan, talked about the Introduction of the Better Cotton Initiative. There were many questions from the audience, such as what the mass balance of the Better Cotton Initiative is, which showed lots of interests.
We ASSC will continue to hold such seminars related to the raw materials procurement in supply chains. So please check our website to participate in future seminar/workshop.