The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain(ASSC) announced its new model on sustainable procurement of enterprises, called “ASSC Sustainable Procurement Model “at the 2nd Tokyo 2020-ILO Sustainability Forum, which is co-organized by International Labour Organization (ILO) & The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, held on 17th October 2018.

This model introduces the mechanism called “workers-driven monitoring mechanism” to prompt early detection of problems at suppliers based on the voices of working people engaged in companies’ supply chain, complimenting the weak points of conventional processes (verification and evaluation of compliance with the supplier code of conduct, mainly by means of on-site audits), by which companies have conducted  CSR / sustainability procurement. By adapting this model, companies are more able to respect the rights and human rights of the workers in their supply chains.

In recommending this model, ASSC has already established “ASSC Workers Voice” to serve as a consultation window for working people (including foreign workers in Japan).

With regard to the voice of the working people obtained through this model, we will work to ensure that anonymity of all voices and other information from workers are secured.

we will continuously work with companies adopting this model to solve various problems existing on the supply chain.