In 5th Round Table, We discussed about preventive measures against human rights abuses that can occur among foreign workers in sending countries, sending agencies and protection of workers rights in Japan. We also clarified roles and contributions which are expected for each position based on knowledges we gained in previous Round Table.


Concrete ideas gathered such as measures to approach directly to foreign workers, collaboration in multi-sector including government, acceptance management organization for proper acceptance and role of receiving agencies.

In the next Round Table we will further discuss how to publish the contents gathered and utilize it for corporate and other sectors.


6Th Round Table will be held on 20th March.


We will announce information about application for 6th Round Table on Facebook and our website as soon as application form is ready. If you have any questions to it, please visit to “contact” on the website.


Round Table doesn’t collect entrance fee because we would like all of our stakeholders join us for diverse discussion. We also please participants sharing constructive energetic opinion and keep joining us. Thank you.


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