ASSC Tokyo Declaration 2020

ASSC Tokyo Declaration 2020

As part of the outcome of the roundtable, ASSC announced in April 2020 the Tokyo Declaration 2020 on Responsible Acceptance of Foreign Workers (also known as the ASSC Tokyo Declaration 2020). The Declaration summarizes the thirteen requirements for creating an environment where foreigners working in Japan can work in decent way, based on discussions at the round-table. this Declaration is designed to comply with international treaties, guidelines, norms, standards, such as the Dhaka principles and the norms and provisions of international organizations such as the IOM and ILO, while taking into account the various systems for accepting foreign workers in Japan. In the future, we will work to disseminate this Declaration and promote collaborative activities with companies, governments, and NPOs / NGOs in order to realize the contents of the Declaration.

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The Tokyo Declaration on the Responsible Acceptance of Foregin Workers in Japan

ASSC Tokyo Declaration 2020


The wages, working conditions and working environment of foreign workers must be fair. Foreign workers should engage in work without discrimination, and should be free of disadvantageous treatment.


The employers and recruitment agencies, regardless of their location of operation, must have and operate recruitment policies and policies that respect the human rights of foreign workers.


Foreign workers must not bear recruitment fees and related costs.


Employment contracts and working conditions for foreign workers must be in their mother language, communicated in writing, and concluded prior to the travel of foreign workers.


All rights related to the work of foreign workers must be guaranteed.


The identification documents of foreign workers must be under the direct control of the foreign workers.


Wages for foreign workers must be paid properly on the dates specified in the employment contract and in the notice of working conditions.


The working environment of foreign workers must ensure safety and hygiene. Education on occupational safety and health must be provided in an effective manner and in the mother language of foreign workers.


The living condition of foreign workers must be guaranteed to be safe and sanitary.


Foreign workers are not restricted from leaving dormitories and accommodations freely. Also, there is no restriction on annual paid vacation days or temporary return to home on long vacations, unless there is a justifiable reason.


Appropriate procedures must be taken to ensure that foreign workers can change their jobs or resign voluntarily.


A reliable and effective grievance mechanism for foreign workers must be established. In addition, foreign workers must not be at any disadvantage in using the grievance service.


Travel expenses for foreign workers must be paid by the employer.