【Brief Report】“Foreign Workers Round Table” started in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan on 10th October, 2018.

The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain(ASSC) held it’s kick-off session of “Foreign Workers Round Table” in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan on 10th October, 2018.

This Round Table is multi-sector session for the sake of discussing labor and human rights issues regarding with foreign workers in Japan (including Technical Internship Trainee), which is aimed at increasing the knowledge of foreign labor issues in the supply chain of Japanese companies as well as to propose an approach to foreign labor issues.

In first Round Table, a lot of players that is corporations, companies, ministries and government officers, lawyers, NGO, and those from Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games made discussion to find solution for labor and human rights issues and also talked about expectation of this Round Table and the problems regarding with foreign workers.

ASSC holds Round Table every month to make opportunity that we set separate themes regarding with foreign workers and inviting external lectures to learn and share knowledge each other. And then, we are focusing on these activities can be connection to company’s action for society.

Some part of this problem are caused in sending country and accepting countries. We will be publishing reports for actual situation in overseas and domestic as we investigate in.

Next Round Table is scheduled on 6th November.

We will announce the place and schedule on ASSC website after second Round Table as soon as we decide.

Those who would like to join from the second time, please send e-mail with 4 kind of information below to info@g-assc.org.

  1. Name   2. Name of your organaization    3.  Phone number  4.  Place(Tokyo or Osaka)

※We provide this Round Table for free because we have purpose that stakeholders easily join and discuss. We offer everyone sharing constructive opinion and continuous participation for discussion.

<Operation and Cooperation>

Executive office: general incorporated association

The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain(ASSC)


Support: General Incorporated Foundation Business Policy Forum, Japan.

We launched new service for all workers living in Japan, called “ASSC WORKERS VOICE.”

we are very pleased to announce about our first release of “ASSC WORKERS VOICE” today.

ASSC WORKERS VOICE is a kind of hotline desk which is independent, reliable, and easy-to-access for all workers living in Japan.
This is for creating sustainable society and enterprises by collecting and amplifying workers voices anonymously.

By using this, people working in Japan can easily tell about any problems related to “work” such as troubles at work, questions about labor laws and safety and health questions. Of course, we will not report the information sent from here to third parties (for example, the company you are working for)  without permission.

It is currently available in 3 languages including Japanese, English, and Chinese so far(Vietnamese will be available soon).



In addition, we started to investigate about the working conditions and issues of foreign workers in Japan through questionnaire.

We would be happy if you could answer the questionnaire “The Questionnaire for Foreign Workers in Japan” on the same page. This questionnaire is for understanding the fact of workplace of foreign workers.

It is currently available in 4 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese so far. We would be happy if you could answer the questionnaire for making Japan better to live in and to work in.


If you have any question about this news release, feel free to inquire any question to us! (contact: info@g-assc.org )


【Report】 the 5th continuous seminar ‘recommendation for initiative and partnership’ on 27th September, 2018.

The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain(ASSC) held the 5th continuous seminar ‘recommendation for initiative and partnership’ on 27th September, 2018.

In this seminar, We picked up the theme that initiative and partnership is taken place in foreign countries and told participants about why they are needed oversea, how companies which participate in that work on it, what kind of them there are and what topic is being discussed for being able to understand how important initiative and partnership are.

This seminar was interactive that instructor and participants communicated and made conversation each other to share knowledge that making comparison between Japan’s situation and foreign situation. We also discussed about what we should do comes next.

We are considering to set up domestic and overseas initiatives as we continuously work on initiatives “Foreign Workers Round Table” as domestic one in future. We are thinking that how we improve a lot of issues and what kind of action we should take to solution for them is considerably important. We please offer those who are interested in the issues to join us.

Next seminar will be scheduled on 15th October, 2018. The theme is responsible procurement of raw materials. We are looking forward to seeing you at the seminar.

【Seminar Report】Supply Chain CSR Seminar was co-hosted in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on 22nd August 2018

“The 7th Supply Chain CSR Seminar” was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Wednesday 22nd August in 2018, co-organized by The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain (ASSC).

The 7th “Supply Chain CSR Seminar” was hosted by Teijin Frontier and Energetic Green, and co-hosted at this time by ASSC. It was held at Hotel Nikko Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and around 80 people participated in this event.

The seminar provided following contents, such as ① “CSR trend” from ASSC Director, Mr Masaki Wada, ② “CSR, its Drivers, and Good Practices in Vietnam” from Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ms Bhuti Ting Nin, ③ “Current of Vietnam Industrial Safety & Health Act” from Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs, Mr. Bui Doan Trung, ④ “Enviromental Trend, Measures, and Regulations” from GIAIA Nature Conservation, Do Thi Thanh Huyen, ⑤”Child labor in the chain” from International Labor Organization (ILO), Mr. Minoru Ogasawara, ⑥ “Summary session” from ASSC Director Mr Masaki Wada, can tell about the” “and also participants can learn best CSR practice, legal system updates, trends in sustainability, basic knowledge about child labor. We thought that this seminar was able to provide very meaningful contents.

It was also a wonderful opportunity for participants to have conversations among them during breaks and lunch time.

The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain (ASSC) will try to host and co-host similar types of events related to supply chain. If you are interested, please contact us via info@g-assc.org.

We Hold ASSC 4th Continuous Seminar 2018 “Labor Condition in Foreign Countries”

The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain (ASSC) held ASSC 4th continuous seminar on 27th July, 2018.

We aimed at point that is to work on labor rights issues in supply chain with setting a theme “Labor Condition in Foreign Countries” for the seminar to enhance knowledges of various countries’ labor low with a focus on South East Asia.


Participants brought a lot of questions which is related to specific theme and problems each company have and they interactively made a discussion and share information each other.


It is essential to renew information regularly in terms of CSR because CSR deeply concern various countries’ law that change day by day.

We provide continued support that update information and it’s possible to investigate or survey certain country or region as needed.


Next seminar will be on 27th September.